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Best known for her roles in E.T. and Ever After, and more recently as a suburban mom/zombie on Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet, Drew Barrymore is now bringing her trademark quirky optimism to a new talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show on CBS. Her characteristic self-deprecating humor was also on display recently on Instagram, as she showed viewers how she keeps her teeth clean and looking great.

In typical Drew fashion, she invited viewers into her bathroom to witness her morning brushing ritual (complete with slurps and sloshes). She also let everyone in on a little insider Drew 411: She has extremely sensitive teeth, so although she would love to sport a Hollywood smile, this condition makes teeth whitening difficult.

Barrymore's sensitivity problem isn't unique. For some, bleaching agents can irritate the gums and tooth roots. It's usually a mild reaction that subsides in a day or two. But take heart if you count yourself among the tooth-sensitive: Professional whitening in the dental office may provide the solution you are looking for.

In the dental office, we take your specific needs into account when we treat you. We have more control over our bleaching solutions than those you may find in the store, allowing us to adjust the strength to match your dental needs and your smile expectations and we can monitor you during treatment to keep your teeth safe. Furthermore, professional whitening lasts longer, so you won't have to repeat it as often.

After treatment, you can minimize discomfort from sensitive teeth by avoiding hot or cold foods and beverages. You may also find it helpful to use a toothpaste or other hygiene product designed to reduce tooth sensitivity.

The best thing you can do is to schedule an appointment with us to fully explore your problems with sensitivity and how we may help. First and foremost, you should undergo an exam to ensure any sensitivity you're experiencing isn't related to a more serious issue like tooth decay or gum recession.

Having a bright smile isn't just advantageous to celebrities like Drew Barrymore—it can make a difference in your personal and professional relationships, as well as your own self-confidence. We can help you achieve that brighter smile while helping you avoid sensitivity afterward.

If you would like more information about teeth whitening, please contact us or schedule a consultation. To learn more, read the Dear Doctor magazine article “Important Teeth Whitening Questions Answered.”

August 26, 2021
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Having a brighter smile makes a person happier about the way they see themselves in the mirror. People do this through a variety of methods. Dr. David Feeney of Matthews, NC, and his dental staff understands that many people seek to do this primarily through teeth whitening.

What Does It Mean to Whiten the Teeth?

Teeth whitening is the process by which stains and discoloration on your teeth are removed. Teeth whitening can be done with various products and methods, such as strips or toothpaste that contain certain chemicals. These will typically work by temporarily covering the surface of the teeth with a gel substance that has any number of whitening substances, including peroxide.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

One of the benefits of teeth whitening is that it can make you feel more confident about your appearance. Having whiter teeth can give someone else a possible better first impression of you, which can be helpful for things like dating or job interviews.

DIY Teeth Whitening Options

A lot of people use at-home whitening strips. These can be gooey and slip off if a person produces a lot of saliva. Custom trays can be molded for you at the dentist's office, but there is a cost involved for that. The gel that comes with the custom tray usually causes less sensitivity than the in-office light procedures.

It's important to understand that if a person whitens their teeth with one product and switches to another, they must follow the instructions for the new product only. Each manufacturer of teeth-whitening products has its own instructions for safety reasons.

What's Always the Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth?

Teeth should always be professionally cleaned by a qualified dental team, such as those found at Dr. David Feeney in Matthews, NC. Once this is done, the most effective and fastest way to whiten the teeth is to use an in-office procedure involving lights and a film applied to the teeth.

If you are interested in professional and fast teeth whitening, then contact Dr. David Feeney and his staff in Matthews, NC, at (704) 847-1000 for an appointment today.

August 27, 2018
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Teeth Whitening ResultsChoosing the best method to whiten your smile isn't always as easy as it may seem. Matthews, NC, dentist Dr. David Feeney provides teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry services that will help you keep your smile bright and attractive.

Home whitening

Whitening your teeth with a drugstore kit can be a convenient option, as long as you follow the product directions completely. Common disadvantages of over-the-counter whiteners include:

  • Dissatisfaction with Results: If the whitening strips or trays don't fit your mouth properly, your teeth may appear two-toned. You may also notice that your teeth look speckled after whitening. This problem occurs if you whiten without removing plaque and tartar from your teeth first.
  • Long Treatment Time: You may need to use the product for weeks or months before your teeth look lighter.
  • Sensitivity: Hydrogen peroxide, the whitening agent used in whiteners, can irritate your gums and roots. If the product you use doesn't fit correctly, you may be more likely to experience sensitivity.

Professional Whitening

Professional whitening in your Matthews' dentist's office only takes about an hour and can lighten your teeth an average of three to eight shades. Before your treatment begins, your teeth will be cleaned to remove plaque and tartar. Your comfort is a priority during your whitening session. Your dentist will apply a protective gel to your roots and gums and also place plastic retractors in your mouth. The retractors hold your lips and cheeks away from your gums, preventing irritation and sensitivity.

Your dentist uses a stronger formulation of hydrogen peroxide than that available in over-the-counter whitening kits. Once the whitening gel is applied to your teeth, it seeps into the pores in your enamel that harbor stains and begins to break apart the dark pigments. Most people only need one treatment, although a second whitening session may be recommended in some cases.

At-Home Professional Whitening

You can also achieve professional results at home with a take-home kit. If you prefer this method, your dentist will provide you with custom-made trays and a supply of hydrogen peroxide gel. You'll apply the trays nightly or several times a week for a few weeks. At-home trays are also a good choice if you want to occasionally touch up the results of professional teeth whitening.

Brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening! Call Matthews, NC, dentist Dr. David Feeney at (704) 847-1000 to schedule your appointment.

October 12, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

If you wish you had a whiter, brighter smile, you may have tried over-the-counter whitening kits or whitening toothpaste. However, you may teeth whiteningnot have noticed the results you had hoped for. Getting a noticeably whiter smile is easy with help from your dentist and a professional, in-office teeth whitening session. Find out more about professional teeth whitening with Dr. David Feeney in Matthews, NC.

Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening? 
Almost anyone can benefit from professional teeth whitening. However, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure. Whitening does not work on porcelain dental restorations like veneers, crowns, or bridges. If you have these restorations in obviously visible places, a whitening session may cause an uneven color from the porcelain teeth to the natural teeth. Additionally, patients with tooth sensitivity issues should alert their dentist.

What can I expect during a teeth whitening appointment? 
Before your whitening session, your dentist will separate the teeth from the oral tissues to minimize irritation. Then your dentist places the whitening gel onto the teeth and, depending on the type of whitening system they use, directs a special light at the gel. The light helps speed and strengthen the process. The gel sits on the teeth for about an hour, after which your dentist rinses the teeth and ends the procedure. In some cases, your dentist may split the treatment into three 15-minute sections, reapplying the whitening gel after each segment.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Matthews, NC
If you think you can benefit from teeth whitening, you should consult with your dentist to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Teeth whitening procedures last about an hour and can provide a variety of results, from subtly lightening the teeth to dramatically lifting their color up to ten shades. For more information on teeth whitening, please contact Dr. David Feeney in Matthews, NC. Call (704) 847-1000 to schedule your teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Feeney today!

Dingy teeth can keep your smile from shining its brightest, so why not change that?  Don’t keep your pearly whites under wraps.  Whiten your smile with help from your dentist, Dr. David Feeney, DDS in Matthews, NC.  Nothing freshens up your appearance like a whiter, brighter smile.  
Teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment used to change the color of natural tooth enamel and is an ideal way to enhance the beauty of your smile.  Since having a whiter smile has now become the number one aesthetic concern for most patients, there are a number of ways to whiten your teeth this season.  
Almost anyone can benefit from teeth whitening.  However, there are some cases where the treatment may not be effective.  Your dentist in Matthews will determine if you are a viable candidate for the whitening process through a thorough oral examination and diagnosis.  Teeth whitening is ideal for patients who have healthy, unrestored teeth and would like to have a whiter, brighter smile.  
If you are looking for a way to whiten your discolored smile, it is always safer and more effective to choose a professional teeth whitening system under the direction of your Matthews dentist.  Contact your dentist in Matthews today, to make an appointment and to see if you are a candidate for whitening.