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April 25, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

You can know get your dental crown in just one quick dental crowns

In the past, when you needed to get a dental crown you had to treat and prep the tooth first, take messy molds of your mouth, place an unreliable temporary crown over the tooth and wait a week or more before visiting your dentist again just so you could have the permanent crown fitted and placed. Well, not anymore! Our Matthews, NC, dentist, Dr. David Feeney, is here to tell you how CEREC crowns could restore your smile in just one appointment.

What are CEREC crowns?

CEREC crowns look just like regular crowns, the only (and major) difference is that you don’t have to make multiple trips to our office in order to get your new restoration. CEREC crowns can be designed, created, and placed all in one visit, saving you time and money.

How does CEREC work?

Once our Matthews cosmetic dentist has deemed you an ideal candidate for CEREC crowns and your tooth has been prepped (meaning that a portion of the tooth has been shaved down to accommodate the crown), the next step is to get accurate measurements of the tooth.

Instead of those awkward and gross putty-like molds from the past, we will take some quick photos with a small digital camera. These digital images will provide us with more accurate and precise measurements of your tooth.

From there, the photos of your tooth are made into 3D images using our special CAD software. Thanks to this amazing computer product, we are able to design a crown that will fit perfectly over your prepared tooth. Once the design process is complete it’s time to make your crown. In the past, we had to turn to an outside dental lab to make the custom crown, but with CEREC technology we don’t have to.

While you sit in our comfortable dental chair, we will place a ceramic block into the milling station. The measurements of your crown are fed into the milling station so it knows exactly how to chisel the perfect restoration to fit over your tooth. Once your crown has been made it’s time to check the fit and then cement it over the tooth to restore your smile.

If you have questions about getting CEREC crowns in Matthews, NC, or you want to talk to us about the other dental services we offer, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Feeney’s office today to schedule a consultation with us.

February 07, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

The goal of Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, better known as CEREC, is to get you in and out of the dentist's dental crowsnoffice on the same day with your new dental restoration. It is a technology that’s available at Dr. David Feeney’s Matthews, NC, dentist office. Patients who are in need of crowns are excited to learn that they no longer have to wait weeks or months for them. Here are a few benefits of CEREC same day crowns that may attract your attention.

First, What Are CEREC Same Day Crowns?
As the name suggests, same day crowns are restorations that can be created almost immediately. This is done with a machine called CEREC that is based on CAD/CAM technology. After taking a visual image of your teeth, the computer can mill a crown in about an hour or less, while you’re waiting in the chair. Your dentist can then bond the crown in a matter of minutes, shape it if needed, then send you on your way.

The Benefits of CEREC Crowns
CEREC is growing in popularity at dentist offices around the country because of the convenience and effectiveness of this technology. Here are some of most significant benefits of getting same day crowns at Dr. Feeney’s Matthews dentist office:

- Your dentist is able to create crowns that are almost perfect. They usually require very little adjustment compared to lab-created caps.
- The process is fast—about 2-3 hours versus two or more weeks.
- There’s no need for a potentially uncomfortable temporary crown.

Maintaining Your New Crown
After you same-visit crown is installed, it’s up to you to care for it so that you can enjoy the benefits for as long as possible. Consider these simple tips for carrying for your CEREC crown:

- Brush and floss gently around the crown, especially the gum line to keep it free from food and plaque.
- Avoid biting down on hard foods or exposing the crown to very hot liquids.
- Tell your dentist if there is any discomfort after the installation so that adjustments can be made to prevent potential damage.

Just One Crown Appointment
If you decide to get a CEREC crown, you can go to the dentist for just one appointment and walk out with your brand-new capped tooth. Call (704) 847-1000 today to schedule time with Dr. Feeney at his Matthews, NC, office.