The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings
December 21, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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When many people think of going to the dentist they think of getting checked for cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. But there’s one oral cancerother important checkup that can be performed at the dentist’s office during a standard visit: an oral cancer screening. Learn more about the importance of these screenings, which are offered at the office of Dr. David Feeney in Matthews, NC. 

Oral Cancer Screenings
One of the reasons why the American Dental Association recommends regular checkups is so that patients can be screened for oral cancer. While checking a patient’s teeth and gums at a regular appointment, the dentist will also check for signs of abnormalities. Unusual sores on the gums, lips, tongue, and roof of the mouth are potential points of concern. Patches that are white, red, or dark in color are also of note. If the dentist notices something abnormal, a small sample will be taken to do a biopsy.

Why They’re Important
Like other tests, oral cancer screenings are important because they allow your Matthews dentist to catch a potential problem before it gets worse. Though oral cancer is relatively rare compared to other types, the prognosis isn’t favorable if it isn’t diagnosed and treated early on. Patients who avoid going to the dentist for many years due to anxiety are at a higher risk, since they aren’t screened regularly. These checks are also important for patients over the age of 40, smokers, very heavy drinkers or substance abusers, and young people who have been diagnosed with HPV. 

Screenings Give You Peace of Mind
Going to regular oral screenings will give both you and your dentist peace of mind. Untreated oral cancer can spread to other parts of the mouth and body. If you notice anything that looks out of the ordinary while looking in the mirror that doesn’t go away after a couple of weeks, make the time for an urgent checkup and cleaning.

Schedule a Visit to Get Screened
An oral cancer screening, general checkup, and tooth cleaning can be scheduled in the same appointment. Call (704) 847-1000 today to set a convenient date and time to see Dr. Feeney at his Matthews, NC dentist office.