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Get a Smile You Love

Cosmetic dentistry can do amazing things for your smile!cosmetic dentistry

Whether you are interested in completely changing the look of your smile or you only want to make small tweaks to your teeth or gums, our Matthews, NC, cosmetic dentist, Dr. David Feeney, has just the answer you’ve been looking for. Cosmetic dentistry is one of the best ways to revitalize and reinvigorate your smile for the long run. Here are just some ways cosmetic dentistry can help you:

Say Goodbye to Stains

Whether there are certain foods or drinks that you just can’t part with or you were a smoker for many years, there are many reasons why you may be dealing with a dull, yellow smile. If this is the case, let our Matthews dentist get rid of those stains and improve the color of your smile in just one whitening session. Professional in-office whitening is the fastest way to get your smile visibly whiter, and it’s completely safe.

Mask Chips, Cracks and Other Imperfections

Whether you chipped your front tooth, have an unsightly gap between your teeth or have one tooth that is longer than the rest, these are all issues that can be fixed. In fact, depending on the severity of these cosmetic flaws, we could offer you different ways to tackle these issues. One way is through dental bonding, which uses a tooth-colored resin to cover small defects. For more serious imperfections, thin porcelain shells known as dental veneers are applied to the front of your teeth to completely change the color, shape or length of one or more teeth.

Replace Your Missing Tooth for Life

Tooth loss can be embarrassing, but despite the setback, dental implants can easily get you your full smile back. Implants do require surgery and it takes several months to complete this treatment, but what you are left with is a restoration that is as close to a natural tooth as you can possibly get. Nothing is a reliable or strong as a dental implant, and it’s even strong enough to last the rest of your life if you care for your teeth and maintain good oral hygiene.

If you have questions about cosmetic dentistry or you are ready to book your consultation to find out which treatment option is best for you, then call our Matthews, NC, cosmetic dental office today.

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